At Storehouse, we source only the highest-quality cannabis products from Maryland's 15 certified growers, and offer it at the most competitive prices every single day of the year. From flower to oils, extracts and vape products, our expert guides will help find the right product for your needs.

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We are free to carry the best product available, no strings attached. At Storehouse, you will not find cheap vape pens with cutting agents, or cheap plastics that carry BPA. We won’t run janky promotions to offload inventory, or carry low-grade products that can harm your health. What you will find is the best cannabis products on the market at consistently fair pricing that our patients can depend on.

Everyday Discounts

  • Birthday Presents

    15% Off for patients on their birthday!

  • Veteran’s Discount Program

    22% Off all military veterans (must present valid ID)!

  • Senior’s Discount Program

    10% Off Senior purchases (ages 65+) all day everyday!

  • Mix 'n' Match Flower

    5% Off every 1/2 oz., 10% Off every 1 oz.

The Spectrum

Just starting your cannabis journey? We know that every individual’s cannabis journey is unique, and that the rigid categories used to define strains often come up short. The Storehouse Spectrum is our proprietary tool for guiding patients through the range of effects cannabis can bring and how the plant’s genetics shape that experience. Stop by Storehouse today and let one of our expert team members help you identify what works for you.



  • Activity
  • Creativity
  • Inspirational


  • social
  • mellow
  • functional


  • restful
  • unwinding
  • sleepy